Finding the right body groomer can be tough. The Philips Norelco 7000 promises ease and efficiency in grooming. This review explores its features, comparing it to other top shavers.


Product Features and Review

The Philips Norelco 7000 Body Groomer comes packed with features that make it stand out. Its new shaving head and built-in guard settings offer a smooth, safe shave every time.

Design and size comparison

The Norelco 7000 stands out with a new look that is slightly longer than earlier models. This change in design improves the grip, making it easier to handle during your grooming routine.

Its sleek build combines functionality and style, setting it apart from other hair trimmers on the market.

Its dual-sided design adds to its appeal. One side offers traditional beard trimming while the other features rounded blades for closer shaves. This two-in-one functionality makes it versatile for managing body hair across different areas, ensuring a clean shave or precise trim wherever needed.

Protective features and new shaving head

Philips Norelco 7000 takes care of your skin with its protective design. It sharply reduces nicks and pulls, making it safe for sensitive areas. You can shave without worrying about razor bumps or irritation.

This electric razor is ideal for anyone looking to maintain smooth skin in delicate zones.

Its new shaving head stands out with a "two in one" feature. With two power buttons, you don't need to swap attachments for different body parts. You can easily switch between beard trimming and grooming your chest or back.

This innovation saves time and simplifies the grooming routine, all while ensuring a close, comfortable shave anywhere on the body.


Built-in guard settings and versatility

The Norelco 7000 stands out with its built-in guard settings. These settings make it easy to switch between different hair lengths without needing separate attachments. This feature is perfect for anyone who wants to trim or shave various body parts quickly and efficiently.

The device caters to both light trimming and close shaves, ensuring smooth results on your face, chest, or pubic area.

Its design also protects your skin from nicks and pulls. This is especially useful in sensitive spots where cuts can be more painful. The protective features work alongside the versatile shaving options, offering a comfortable experience no matter the task at hand.

Whether you're aiming for a stubble look or a clean shave, the Norelco 7000 has got you covered with ease and style.



Operational Aspects

The Philips Norelco 7000 makes charging easy and shaving smooth, whether you prefer a dry shave or under the shower. Keep reading to discover how it stands out.

Exploring the similarities and differences in price and handling between the Philips Norelco 7000 Body Groomer and the Madridian reveals interesting aspects of both devices. Despite their identical pricing, the way they feel in your hand and how they operate can influence your grooming experience. Let's take a closer look in a comparative format.


This table succinctly showcases the core similarities and differences in price and handling between these two grooming giants. While both devices command the same price tag, the Madridian edges out with a more premium feel and superior aesthetics, potentially making it the favored choice for users who value these aspects in their grooming toolkit.


Charging technology and battery life

Both the Norelco 7000 and its competitor use old charging tech with standard plugs, not modern USB. This might seem like a step back, but both shavers make up for it with long battery life.

They work without wires, giving you freedom to move around.

The quiet operation of the Norelco 7000 stands out next to others. You can shave without making much noise. Also, being waterproof means these razors are ready for dry or wet shaving according to your preference.

Let's look at how they handle different shaving needs next.

Wet and dry shaving options

After exploring the battery life and charging technology, we move on to how these shavers perform in wet and dry environments. The Philips Norelco 7000 and Madridian allow you to shave just as easily under the shower as in front of a mirror.

This flexibility means you can choose a quick dry shave when you're in a hurry or enjoy the extra skin protection of shaving foam with a wet shave. Both are waterproof, so cleaning them is simple – just rinse under running water.

The wireless design adds to their convenience, letting you shave wherever suits you best. Whether opting for a comfortable wet shave or needing a fast touch-up before heading out, these shavers adapt to your lifestyle without fuss.

The quiet operation of the Norelco 7000 makes for an even more pleasant experience, especially during those morning routines when peace is appreciated. So go ahead, tailor your shaving routine to what feels right for your skin and schedule.



The Philips Norelco 7000 Body Groomer stands out for its protective design and dual-feature head, making it a strong choice for anyone in need of thorough grooming solutions. Its innovative guard settings offer simplicity in maintenance, while the extended battery life ensures reliability.

March 28, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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