The lawnmower 3.0 seems like a good and cheaper alternative to the newer models. But should you even be considering a trimmer form manscaped in the first place? 

In this article, we will talk about the best alternatives to the lawnmower 3.0 that offer better value for money, better build quality, and more versatility. Let's get into the guide!


Here’s Why You Should Consider Alternatives To The Lawn Mower 3.0 Trimmer

The lawnmower 3.0 is an iconic trimmer, and arguably helped launch the manscaping and mens self care trend, but since its launch in 2016, there have been alot of new entries to the market, and honestly, there are some very good options out there that are better than the lawnmower 3.0 

For example the Brio beardscape comes in at only slightly more, but offers way more power adjustments, a led screen, more guards, and if that wasn't enough, even a 2 year warranty.

So as you can see, competition has heated up in the mens trimmer market and today we are going to give you our top alternatives to the manscaped lawnmower 3.0.


Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer

The Brio Beardscape is our top pick for the best alternative to the lawnmower 3.0.  With its ceramic blade and multiple guard lengths, it has everything the lawnmower has , and even more. What sets this trimmer apart from the lawnmower 3.0 is the much more powerful blade, and versatility. You can use this trimmer for your face and your body, so there's no need to buy multiple trimmers. If you are on a budget you can find their older version, the beardscape V! For about $20 cheaper than the newest version. 

Features & Description (Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer)

The Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer has a quiet, low-vibration motor and ceramic blade. It comes with 4-speed settings and a digital display, allowing for precise control and easy monitoring of battery level. Equipped with long battery life, this trimmer ensures extended use without frequent charging interruptions. Additionally, it is designed ergonomically, providing comfortable grip and handling during grooming sessions. The trimmer includes multiple guiding combs suitable for trimming longer and tougher hairs, catering to various grooming needs. With its advanced features and versatile functionality, the Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer stands as a reliable alternative for efficient manscaping.

Pros & Cons (Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer)

Considering a quality manscaping tool, the Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer emerges as a strong contender. Here are its pros and cons framed within an HTML table:



- Offers an impressive 4-hour run time on a single charge, ensuring extended use without constant recharging.

- May be pricier than some competitors, potentially putting it out of reach for budget-conscious consumers.

- Features 5-speed settings, which provide versatility and control over grooming tasks.

- Some users might find it bulkier than other models, which could affect maneuverability.

- Includes 4 dual-sided combs catering to a variety of hair lengths for a tailored trim.

- Certain intricate body areas could present a challenge due to the size of the trimmer.

- Equipped with ceramic blades that are known for durability and sharpness.

- Replacement blades and accessories might be more expensive than other brands.

- Provides tips on cleaning and maintenance for optimal performance and efficiency.

- A learning curve could be present for those new to using advanced grooming tools like this.

Crafted with both performance and user convenience in mind, this trimmer is ideal for those seeking a premium grooming experience.


Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer

Experience the ultimate grooming tool with the Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer. This versatile trimmer is designed for all your body hair needs, from head to toe.

Features & Description (Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer)

The Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer is a versatile and efficient grooming tool. It comes with multiple attachments, providing various options for different grooming needs. The device features a lithium-ion battery that ensures long-lasting power and convenience. With a 1 1/8" blade width and a powerful 7,300 RPM motor, it offers precise and swift trimming.

  • The groomer includes nine different attachments, making it suitable for various grooming tasks.
  • It comes with a 90 - day warranty, providing assurance of its quality and durability.
  • The Bakblade Bodbarber is designed to be user - friendly and easy to handle, offering an effortless grooming experience.
  • Equipped with USB charging capability, it ensures convenient charging without the hassle of traditional power cords or adapters.
  • Its ergonomic design and sturdy construction make it suitable for both wet and dry use, catering to various preferences.

Pros & Cons (Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer)

Evaluating the Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer reveals a comprehensive grooming tool designed for those seeking versatility in their manscaping routine. Below is an HTML table highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.



Features 11 different grooming attachments for comprehensive body grooming

Some users may find the numerous attachments overwhelming

Engineered for use on various body parts, ensuring versatility

Possible learning curve to effectively use all attachments

Waterproof design allows for in-shower use and easy cleaning

Attachments may require regular maintenance to keep clean

Long battery life for extended grooming sessions without frequent recharging

May not be as compact or travel-friendly due to the number of components

Suitable for both wet and dry use, catering to different user preferences

Blades may need replacement over time, adding to long-term costs

With its all-encompassing design, the Bakblade Bodbarber caters to those who value a groomer that can do it all, despite some trade-offs in simplicity and portability.


Happy Nuts The Ballber Electric Trimmer

The Happy Nuts Ballber Electric Trimmer is designed specifically for safe and effective manscaping. With its unique design and features, it offers a comfortable and efficient grooming experience for all your body hair trimming needs.


Features & Description (Happy Nuts The Ballber Electric Trimmer)

The Happy Nuts The Ballber Electric Trimmer offers:

  • An adjustable guard for a customized trimming experience.
  • Ceramic blades that are durable and provide a precise trim without the risk of nicks or cuts.
  • A powerful 6,200 RPM motor that effortlessly trims even coarse body hair.
  • Long battery life, ensuring uninterrupted grooming sessions without frequent recharging.
  • Fully waterproof design, making it convenient for wet or dry use and easy cleaning.

Pros & Cons (Happy Nuts The Ballber Electric Trimmer)

Happy Nuts The Ballber Electric Trimmer stands out as a dedicated grooming tool designed for the specific needs of manscaping. Below, we assess the merits and drawbacks of this particular model.



Features a powerful 7,000 RPM motor that provides a strong and steady cut.

May be pricier than some other alternatives on the market.

Dual-sided blade design for versatile grooming options.

Some users might find it bulky compared to more compact trimmers.

Offers a lengthy battery life with Lithium-Ion technology, running 150 minutes on a full charge.

A 90-day warranty might be shorter than what some competitors offer.

Designed for safe and precise manscaping, reducing the risk of nicks and cuts.

May require multiple passes over thick hair for a completely smooth finish.

Can be used for both wet and dry trimming, increasing its versatility.

Accessory options may be limited in comparison to some other trimmers.

Happy Nuts The Ballber Electric Trimmer is a strong contender in the manscaping arena, offering a blend of power, precision, and convenience. Its pros are evident in its performance and design, although there are a few considerations to bear in mind when choosing the right trimmer for personal use.



Philips Norelco OneBlade Face & Body

The Philips Norelco OneBlade Face & Body is a versatile trimmer that can be used for both facial and body grooming. With its unique blade design, it's perfect for those looking for a convenient all-in-one solution.


Features & Description (Philips Norelco OneBlade Face & Body)

The Philips Norelco OneBlade Face & Body is a versatile grooming tool for trimming and shaving longer, tougher hairs. It comes with multiple guiding combs to cater to different grooming needs.

  1. Three Trimming Combs: Includes three trimming combs (1mm, 3mm, 5mm) to trim and style your facial hair with precision.
  2. Dual-Sided Blade: The dual-sided blade allows for efficient shaving in any direction, making it easy to edge and shave longer hairs.
  3. Wet & Dry Use: It is suitable for both wet and dry use, offering flexibility in grooming preferences and allowing for convenient use in the shower.
  4. Long Battery Life: Offers up to 60 minutes of continuous cordless use after an 8-hour charge, providing extended usability without frequent recharging.
  5. Replaceable Blades: The replaceable blades ensure that you can always maintain sharpness for efficient trimming and shaving.
  6. Usability: This trimmer is designed for all body areas; face, neck, chest, abs, underarms, arms, groin area and legs; providing a versatile solution for total body grooming needs.
  7. Edge With Precision: Its integrated skin protector ensures that the blade doesn't come into direct contact with skin when trimming longer hairs while still delivering an even trim.

Pros & Cons (Philips Norelco OneBlade Face & Body)

Philips Norelco OneBlade Face & Body is designed for men who seek a versatile and hybrid grooming tool that can tackle both facial styling and body grooming. Below are the pros and cons of this device presented in an HTML table.



Dual protection system for a comfortable and efficient trim

Blades need to be replaced every four months with regular use

Can be used wet or dry for convenience and ease of use

May not be as effective for thicker or coarse hair

Rechargeable battery offers 60 minutes of constant performance

Some users might find it less powerful compared to dedicated trimmers

Includes unique OneBlade technology for precise edges and fine lines

Not specifically designed for sensitive below-the-belt grooming

Comes with multiple attachments for different hair lengths and body areas

Initial cost is higher due to extra attachments and blade replacements


OneBlade Face & Body's innovative design combines rotary and foil shaving elements for a shave that's close but not too close to the skin, reducing the risk of nicks and cuts. However, ongoing maintenance costs, like blade replacement, should be considered when purchasing this trimmer.



In conclusion, finding the best alternative to the Lawnmower 3.0 for manscaping needs is crucial for achieving a clean and comfortable grooming experience. The detailed comparisons and expert recommendations provided in this article aim to help individuals make informed decisions based on their specific grooming preferences.

Each reviewed trimmer offers unique features and benefits, catering to diverse body hair trimming requirements. By considering factors such as safety, versatility, ease of cleaning, and wet/dry use, readers can confidently select the most suitable alternative grooming product that aligns with their individual needs.

Making the right choice ensures efficient and precise manscaping while maintaining skin comfort and overall satisfaction.

December 28, 2023 — Eric Steckling

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