Struggling to find the perfect beard trimmer that fits your grooming needs? Meet the King C. Gillette Style Master, a rechargeable stubble trimmer designed for versatility and convenience.

In this review, I'll share my experience with unboxing, performance, and overall satisfaction with this product. Keep reading to see if it's worth your money!


King C. Gillette Style Master Overview

The King C. Gillette Style Master is a versatile grooming tool for men. It offers multiple attachments for different beard styles and trimming needs.


King C. Gillette Style Master features a blend of technology from Braun and style expertise from Gillette. The packaging might confuse some since it indicates both brands. This happens because Procter & Gamble owns both companies.

This means you enjoy the best of both worlds: precision shaving with long-lasting blades and innovative design for beard styles. With a slim, easy-to-grip rubberized handle, it's perfect for wet-shaving in the shower as it is fully waterproof.

Product Line Offering

The King C. Gillette Style Master is part of a wide range of grooming products. This subdivision offers beard balms, hair oils, trimmers, and safety razors. Each product aims to provide men with premium grooming experiences.

Positioned as a top-notch offering, the Style Master stands out with its rose gold color. It's rechargeable and designed for all-in-one styling needs, including trimming beards and mustaches.

The trimmer features interchangeable combs for different lengths and uses a long-lasting blade suitable for dry shaves or in-shower use.



The King C. Gillette Style Master arrives in sleek, recyclable packaging. Its pivoting head and long-lasting blade promise an impressive grooming experience right out of the box.

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging is straightforward to open, requiring no tools. Yet, it lacks a protective guard for the blade. This makes it feel less premium than expected from King C. Gillette’s all-in-one styler product line.

The overall presentation seems subpar considering this is marketed as a high-end product.

Also, the charging plug appears to be universal with other Braun products. This could be convenient for those already using Braun devices but might not suit new buyers looking for exclusive accessories.

The recyclable packaging does add an eco-friendly touch but falls short in elevating the unboxing experience one would anticipate from such an electric shaver.


Product Features and Functionality

The King C. Gillette Style Master comes with three guards. Each guard is labeled with its size for easy use. Unfortunately, there's no storage solution included for these guards. The trimmer also lacks a sensitive body comb and specific guard sizes.

The blade claims a lifespan of six months, making it a long-lasting option. Users have shared concerns about the durability of the trimmer head when detaching it. This cordless stubble trimmer offers great flexibility without worrying about cords or outlets in your bathroom space.

Next up is our Performance Evaluation section, where we explore how well this tool trims and fades hair.


Performance Evaluation

The King C. Gillette Style Master trims with precision. It handles stubble and short beards well, lasting a long time due to its high-quality blade.

Trimming and Fading Capabilities

The King C. Gillette Style Master holds its own with trimming and fading tasks. The rechargeable trimmer boasts long-lasting blades, making it reliable for daily grooming routines.

It trims evenly, leaving a smooth finish on both stubble and longer hairs.

While the power and sound are adequate, they don't outshine competitors in the market of electric razors. The cordless feature adds convenience, allowing freedom of movement without being tied to an outlet.

Perfecting fades might take practice, but the tool's functionality makes it achievable even for beginners.

Durability and Effectiveness

The King C. Gillette Style Master features a blade that lasts only six months, which many may find too short. For a product at this price point, a longer-lasting blade or an extra one in the initial purchase would add more value.

Trimming and fading with this cordless styler work well initially but show decline over time. While convenient for quick touch-ups, its performance doesn't justify the frequent blade replacement.

Potential buyers should consider the long-term costs of buying new blades often.



The Style Master trimmer didn't meet my needs, so I decided to return it. If you need a versatile grooming tool, explore other options in the market.

The rechargeable trimmer had some nice features. It offered cordless power and came with a magnetic charging dock. The King C. Gillette Style Master also provided good performance for trimming and fading.

Despite these benefits, there were issues that led to returning the product. The blade did not last as long as expected. Durability was a concern, especially given the suggested retail price on and other retailers like Walmart.

This made it hard to justify keeping it compared to similar options in the market.

June 02, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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