Are you tired of trimmers that pull hair and don't cut evenly? The Hatteker RFC-690 aims to change that with its advanced design. This review will guide you through its features, performance, and value to see if it solves your grooming woes.

Overview of the Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer

Transitioning from the introduction brings us to a closer look at the Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer, a tool gaining popularity for its precision in grooming. This trimmer stands out with its self-sharpening ceramic blade that guarantees a clean cut every time.

Having used this device firsthand, I can attest to its efficient cutting ability which is complemented by a comprehensive set of guide combs and hair thinner guide comb, ensuring you have all you need for personal grooming right out of the box.

Delving deeper into what makes the Hatteker RFC-690 an appealing choice, it's impossible not to mention its impressive array of features. The package inclusion is generous – besides the main 38-millimeter ceramic blade and six guide combs, users will find everything necessary for maintenance and use: a stand base, charger, hair comb, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil.

From personal experience during my testing period of several weeks - charging this device couldn’t be simpler or more convenient despite it not being able to charge on its stand; it requires just 90 minutes for a full charge offering 2.5 hours of cordless use.

Its waterproof design adds another layer of versatility as I could easily rinse it under tap water after each use without fear of damage.


Features of the Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer

The Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer boasts a self-sharpening ceramic blade for precise trimming. Its power button and LCD display make operation user-friendly.

Self-sharpening ceramic blade

Cutting edge technology meets precision with the self-sharpening ceramic blade of the Hatteker RFC-690 trimmer. This innovative feature ensures that each cut is as efficient and clean as the first, tackling all hair types with ease.


Package inclusions

The Hatteker RFC-690 trimmer comes with everything you need to start trimming right away. This package is packed with valuable accessories to enhance your grooming experience. Here's what you'll find inside:


  1. 38-millimeter ceramic blade: This main cutting blade combines ceramics and titanium to ensure sharpness and durability.
  2. Six guide combs: These combs range from 3mm to 24mm, letting you choose the perfect length for your hair or beard.
  3. Hair thinner guide comb: It helps in achieving finer details or thinner hair looks without hassle.
  4. Stand base: Keeps your trimmer upright and organized when not in use.
  5. USB charger: Offers a convenient way to charge your trimmer through any USB port, making it travel-friendly.
  6. Hair comb: Assists in styling your hair or beard during or after cutting for better results.
  7. Cleaning brush: Ensures you can easily clean the blades and combs after each use, maintaining the trimmer's performance.
  8. Blade oil: Keeps the ceramic blade running smoothly, extending its life and ensuring it cuts effectively every time.


Blade adjustment capabilities

The Hatteker RFC-690 trimmer offers customizable cutting with its blade adjustment capabilities, allowing for precise trimming with lengths ranging from 0.5 millimeter to 2.5 millimeters.

This feature provides versatile trimming options, complemented by the six guide combs included in the package, which offer varying lengths from 3 millimeters to 24 millimeters for adjustable hair cutting options.

These features enhance the trimmer's precision and suitability for a wide range of cutting preferences, making it a versatile tool for achieving desired hair lengths and styles effortlessly.

Power button and LCD display

The power button on the Hatteker RFC-690 trimmer activates its functions, including a travel lock mode when held for 4 to 5 seconds. The LCD display shows battery capacity as a percentage and features charging indicators, ensuring you always know the battery status at a glance.

When holding down the power button, it triggers a travel lock mode; meanwhile, the LCD screen provides clear visibility of the battery's remaining charge percentage and displays important charging indicators.

Lithium-ion battery and charging

The Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer is powered by a lithium-ion battery, providing 2.5 hours of cordless use once fully charged for 90 minutes. The device can't be used while charging and doesn't charge on its stand.

There are concerns about the battery's longevity and no availability of a spare battery. The lithium-ion battery is removable, accessed through a compartment under the charging port.

Waterproof design

The Hatteker RFC-690 trimmer features a waterproof construction, ensuring it can be easily cleaned under running water. This weatherproof design allows for convenient maintenance and ensures durability even when used in wet environments.

The trimmer's moisture-resistant construction enhances its versatility as a grooming tool, making it suitable for use in various conditions without compromising performance.


Performance of the Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer

The Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer offers versatile cutting ability, sturdy design features, and has a competitive price point. To find out more, read the full review.

Cutting ability and versatility

The Hatteker RFC-690 trimmer delivers precise and efficient cutting, making it a go-to tool for beard grooming. Its versatile length options and reliable performance ensure a smooth and uniform trim every time.

The adjustable guards and self-sharpening ceramic blade contribute to its effectiveness as a grooming tool.

Users have praised the trimmer's ability to deliver consistent cutting performance and precision trimming, making it an efficient choice for those seeking reliable results in their grooming routine.

Sturdiness and design features

The Hatteker RFC-690 trimmer exudes durability with its titanium and ceramic blades, ensuring blade strength and material integrity. However, some users have encountered an issue with the guide adjustment catching when transitioning, possibly due to a middle section made of cheaper plastic.

The stand lacks integration for simultaneous charging and storage, while the guide combs are functional yet considered somewhat flimsy. Despite these drawbacks, the LCD screen contributes positively to the overall evaluation of the trimmer's design effectiveness.

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Noise level and battery concerns

The trimmer operates quietly but emits an odd humming noise when in use. The lithium-ion battery provides 2.5 hours of cordless usage after a 90-minute charge, but concerns were raised about its longevity and the absence of a spare battery.

The device stand lacks integration for simultaneous charging and storage for accessories, requiring improvement.

Critique of the stand and accessories

The stand for the Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer lacks an integrated charger, making it inconvenient for simultaneous use and storage. Additionally, there is no storage bag included for the guide combs and other accessories, which would have provided a more organized solution.

These design inefficiencies can be frustrating for users looking for a more streamlined experience with their trimmer.

The integration of a charger in the stand and the provision of a storage bag could enhance the overall user experience by providing practical solutions for accessory organization and charging needs.


Price and Value of the Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer

The Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer offers competitive pricing and excellent value, encompassing a comprehensive evaluation of guide combs and overall performance.

Competitive pricing

The Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer is affordably priced at $44.99 and also available for $44.95 on Amazon, making it a pocket-friendly choice for consumers looking for great value. Despite missing a storage bag for the guide combs and accessories, this trimmer is considered to be worth its competitive pricing due to its performance and features.

Evaluation of guide combs and overall performance

The guide combs are a bit flimsy but effective in use. They offer various guard lengths and consistently support precision cutting for both hair and beard grooming. The device is competitively priced at $44.99, making it a good value for its versatile functionality and overall performance in handling grooming tasks effectively.

The guide combs may seem flimsy but are effective, offering various guard lengths that consistently support precision cutting for both hair and beard grooming. Priced competitively at $44.99, the Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer presents good value for its versatile functionality and overall performance in handling grooming tasks effectively.



In conclusion, the Hatteker RFC-690 Trimmer offers exceptional versatility and effective performance for various grooming needs. We encourage you to share your experiences with this trimmer and help others make informed decisions.

April 29, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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