Finding the right electric shaver for sensitive skin can be tough. Many people struggle with razor bumps and ingrown hairs from shaving. This article will guide you through choosing a gentle electric cutter that protects your skin while giving a close shave.


What To Look for In Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

Electric shavers are suitable for sensitive skin due to their gentle shaving action and reduced risk of irritation. Foil shavers and rotary shavers, specifically designed for sensitive skin, provide a comfortable and close shave without causing razor burn or discomfort.


Foil vs Rotary Shavers for Sensitive Skin

Choosing the right electric razor is key for men with sensitive skin. The debate between foil and rotary shavers is a big one. Let's break it down in a simple table format.

Foil shavers use oscillating blades covered by a thin metal layer. They offer a close shave and are great for daily use. Often, they're the go-to for men with sensitive skin because they are gentle and efficient. Rotary shavers have circular blades that spin. They adjust to the contours of your face, making them good for hard-to-reach areas. The choice between foil and rotary shavers depends on your skin type, hair type, and personal preference.


Essential Features of Skin-Friendly Electric Razors

Electric shavers for sensitive skin need certain features to ensure a close yet comfortable shave. These models strive to minimize skin irritation while efficiently cutting through stubble.


  1. Sharp Blades: The key to a smooth shave without pulling or tugging lies in ultra-sharp blades. High-quality electric razors come with precision-engineered blades that can handle even the coarsest hairs effortlessly.
  2. Gentle but Powerful Motor: A motor that offers consistent power prevents the razor from snagging on hairs. This means less irritation for your skin because the shaver maintains an optimal cutting speed throughout your shaving session.
  3. Flexibility to Manage Flat-Lying Hairs: Some hairs lie flat against the skin, making them hard to catch. Electric razors designed for sensitive skin often include special technology or attachments to lift and cut these stubborn strands at the root without causing razor burn.
  4. Wet and Dry Shave Capability: Whether you prefer a quick dry shave or a more protective wet shave with gel or foam, versatility is key. Models compatible with both wet and dry shaving methods allow you to choose what's best for your skin type and routine.
  5. Built-in Skin Guarding Features: Innovative technologies like hypoallergenic foil heads or built-in cooling elements help protect against common issues like pseudofolliculitis (razor bumps) and ingrown hairs by providing extra layers of protection between the blade and your skin.
  6. Easy-to-Clean Designs: Keeping an electric razor clean is essential for preventing bacteria buildup, which can lead to breakouts on sensitive skin. Models with simple cleaning solutions, such as detachable heads or automatic cleaning stations, ensure hygiene without hassle.



Top Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

After exploring what makes an electric razor skin-friendly, we now turn our attention to the best shavers on the market for those with sensitive skin. Ovidiu Nicolae took the lead in testing a wide range of models and selected seven standout shavers that promise a close, comfortable shave without irritation.

These top picks include high-quality options from Braun, Panasonic, Philips Norelco, and Xiaomi designed specifically for sensitive skin.


Braun Series 9 9370cc

The Braun Series 9 9370cc is our top choice for sensitive skin. Its advanced features and gentle shaving action make it ideal for those with delicate facial skin.

Detailed Overview (Braun Series 9 9370cc)

The Braun Series 9 9370cc is a leading choice for those seeking a close, smooth shave without irritation. It comes equipped with a unique cleaning station that simplifies the maintenance process, ensuring the device remains in top condition after every use.

This electric shaver stands out for its strong performance, effortlessly handling even the toughest stubble and flat-lying hairs. Its advanced technology captures different types of facial hair with precision, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin needing extra care.

This model also features a flexible head that adapts to your face's contours, reaching difficult areas without effort. The importance of preventing razor-burn and discomfort during shaving cannot be overstated, and this shaver excels in providing a comfortable experience.

Whether you prefer wet or dry shaving techniques, the Braun Series 9 9370cc accommodates both preferences with ease. Ready to explore other options? Let's move on to examine the pros and cons of this exceptional groomer.

Pros & Cons (Braun Series 9 9370cc)

The Braun Series 9 9370cc electric shaver is known for its exceptional performance and skin-friendly features. Here are the pros and cons of this top pick:



  1. Gentle on Sensitive Skin: The specialized shaving elements ensure a comfortable shave, making it ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.
  2. Advanced Technology: Equipped with an intelligent AutoSensing motor that adapts to the density of your beard, providing efficient and gentle shaving experience.
  3. Clean & Charge Station: Offers convenient cleaning, lubrication, and charging at the touch of a button for effortless maintenance.




  1. Potential Discomfort: Some users may find the design uncomfortable or less ergonomic, depending on individual preferences.
  2. Premium Price Point: It falls into a higher price range compared to other electric shavers in the market.


Overall, the Braun Series 9 9370cc delivers exceptional performance and skin-friendly features suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.


Braun Series 8 8457cc

Braun Series 8 8457cc is ideal for most face shapes. It offers a comfortable and precise shave, well-suited for men with varying facial structures.

Detailed Overview (Braun Series 8 8457cc)

The Braun Series 8 8457cc offers a smooth and efficient shaving experience, making it an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin. Its advanced shaving elements capture more hair in one stroke, minimizing skin irritation.

The AutoSense technology adapts the motor's power to your beard's density, providing a comfortable shave without tugging or pulling. Additionally, its five shaving modes allow customization for different facial features and sensitivities, ensuring a close shave without compromising comfort.

Alongside this, the Clean&Charge station automatically cleans and lubricates the shaver after each use, maintaining optimal hygiene.

The precision headlock feature enables easy maneuvering around difficult areas such as under the nose. Furthermore, the Li-ion battery provides 50 minutes of cordless usage on one hour of charging time - perfect for busy mornings or travel convenience.


Pros & Cons (Braun Series 8 8457cc)

The Braun Series 8 8457cc provides a comfortable shave and offers good value for the price. However, it may not be as advanced as the Series 9. Here are the pros and cons of the Braun Series 8 8457cc:



  1. Close and comfortable shave
  2. Excellent for most facial types
  3. Gentle on sensitive skin
  4. Effective for wet or dry shaving
  5. Precision trimmer for detailing and shaping




  1. Not as advanced as higher - end models
  2. May not provide the closest shave compared to more advanced shavers


This electric shaver is suitable for those seeking a reliable and comfortable shaving experience without the need for top-of-the-line features.


Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV6U

The Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV6U is ideal for dense and coarse facial hair types due to its powerful motor and multi-flex pivoting head, ensuring a close shave without irritation. Its five ultra-sharp precision-honed Nanotech blades effortlessly cut through tough facial hair with ease.

Detailed Overview (Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV6U)

The Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV6U is a top-tier electric shaver known for its exceptional speed and power. It is designed to perform remarkably well in wet shaving conditions, providing a comfortable and efficient experience for users with sensitive skin.

The advanced features of this razor make it particularly suitable for individuals seeking a close shave without irritation, offering precision and effectiveness in every use.


Pros & Cons (Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV6U)

The Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV6U provides a close shave and is well-suited for heavy beard growth. However, it may not be suitable for extremely sensitive skin due to its powerful performance. Here are the pros and cons to consider:



  1. The five ultra - sharp blades provide a smooth and precise shave, reducing the chances of irritation.
  2. The multi-flex pivoting head adjusts to facial contours, ensuring a comfortable and thorough shave even in hard-to-reach areas.
  3. It offers a Wet/Dry shaving option, making it versatile for use with shaving cream or gel.




  1. The powerful motor may be too intense for individuals with highly sensitive skin, potentially causing discomfort or irritation.
  2. It has a relatively high price point compared to other electric shavers, which may not fit everyone's budget.


The Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV6U is an ideal choice if you have normal to slightly sensitive skin and want an efficient, close shave without compromising on comfort.


Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige

The Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige offers the closest rotary shave, ideal for those seeking a close and precise shaving experience. Its advanced cutting system and flexible heads adapt to facial contours for a comfortable and efficient shave.

Detailed Overview (Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige)

The Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige, a top choice for sensitive skin, provides a gentle and forgiving shave for those with delicate facial areas. With its rotary heads that are adept at capturing even the most challenging hairs and offering a comfortable shaving experience, this electric razor is designed to meet the needs of users with sensitive skin.

The precision blades are engineered to provide an exceptionally close shave while minimizing irritation, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a skin-friendly electric shaver.

Featuring durable rotary heads that glide effortlessly over the contours of the face and neck area, the Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige offers exceptional performance tailored towards those with sensitive skin.

Pros & Cons (Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige)

The Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige offers a close rotary shave and features durable rotary heads. However, it might not be as comfortable as foil shavers for some users.


  • The rotary heads provide a very close shave
  • The ContourDetect technology ensures maximum coverage and comfort
  • The NanoTech precision blades are designed to cut hair with optimal skin comfort
  • The shaving heads move in 8 directions to capture up to 20% more hair in a single pass
  • It provides a beard trimmer attachment for styling and grooming options
  • A fully washable design simplifies cleaning and maintenance


These attributes make the Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige suitable for those seeking a close and comfortable shave experience.


The Brio Raze Head Shaver

The Brio Raze Head Shaver stands out as my top choice for head shaving. Its innovative design and excellent shaving heads provide a close shave with minimal hassle. With a battery life display and the ability to handle 20 shaves per charge, it ensures you won't be interrupted mid-shave.

Key Features

The Brio Raze Head Shaver excels in flexibility and maneuverability, effortlessly navigating the contours of your head, even in hidden areas, thanks to its compact size, which allows for grooming in tight spaces like between your ears. Its waterproof design makes it suitable for both dry and wet shaving, performing well with shaving gel and in the shower. Additionally, the shaver features a user-friendly design with simple yet sturdy construction, ensuring easy maintenance.


  • Easy Maneuverability

  • Effortlessly glides around the head's contours.

  • Excellent Battery Life

  • 20 shaves per charge.

  • 100 minutes of runtime.

  • Digital Display

  • Provides battery life information.

  • Versatile Shaving Options

  • Supports both wet and dry shaving.


  • Limited Control

  • Less control compared to traditional razors.

  • Specifically for head shaving 


Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is a budget-friendly choice for sensitive skin. It offers a close shave and gentle experience, making it suitable for those with easily irritated skin.

Detailed Overview (Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s)

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s, a budget-friendly option, offers both wet and dry usage capabilities. Its three specialized shaving elements work in tandem to effectively capture even the densest stubble with ease.

The MicroComb technology utilizes the twin foils to trim hairs as close as 0.05mm, providing a smooth and clean shave every time. This electric razor is powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery that ensures consistent performance for up to 45 minutes on a single charge.

Additionally, it's equipped with an LED display that indicates battery status and hygiene when it's time for cleaning or replacing parts.

Pros & Cons (Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s)

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s offers an affordable option with good value for those looking for a sensitive skin-friendly electric shaver. Here are the pros and cons of this model:


  • The precision head captures more hair in the first stroke, resulting in faster shaving.
  • The triple action cutting system is designed for better contour adaptation and closer skin contact, providing a comfortable shaving experience.
  • It is fully washable and can be used with water, shaving foam, or gel for a more customizable experience.
  • A built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery allows cordless use for enhanced convenience.
  • An LED display indicates battery status, low charge, and hygiene to keep users informed.


On the downside:


  • This model may have fewer advanced features compared to higher - end models on the market.



Philips Norelco OneBlade

The Philips Norelco OneBlade stands out as a versatile choice for men with sensitive skin. This electric shaver is designed to cater to various grooming needs, making it a practical and all-in-one solution.

Detailed Overview (Philips Norelco OneBlade)

The Philips Norelco OneBlade is designed for sensitive, acne-prone skin. This electric razor offers both wet and dry shaving options, making it suitable for versatile grooming needs.

The unique dual-sided blade technology allows precise edging and clean shaving, while its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance. With the ability to trim, edge, and shave any length of hair effectively, the Philips Norelco OneBlade provides a convenient all-in-one solution for those seeking a reliable grooming tool.

Pros & Cons (Philips Norelco OneBlade)

Transitioning from the detailed overview of the Philips Norelco OneBlade, let's dive into the pros and cons of this versatile shaver:



  1. The unique blade design allows for both shaving and edging, making it a versatile choice for different grooming needs.
  2. Its gentle shaving action is suitable for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation and razor burn.
  3. The OneBlade is battery-powered, offering convenience for travel and on-the-go grooming.




  1. It may not provide as close a shave as traditional razors, which could be a preference for some individuals looking for an ultra-smooth finish.
  2. While effective for various lengths of hair, it may require more frequent blade replacements compared to other electric shavers due to its design.


These considerations help users make an informed decision about whether the Philips Norelco OneBlade aligns with their specific grooming preferences and skin sensitivity.


Xiaomi Braun Travel Shaver

The Xiaomi Braun Travel Shaver is compact, making it ideal for travel. It serves as a convenient grooming tool for those on the go.

Detailed Overview (Xiaomi Braun Travel Shaver)

The Xiaomi Braun Travel Shaver boasts a compact and portable design, making it an ideal choice for travelers. Its affordable pricing makes it even more appealing to consumers on the go.

This shaver is designed for convenience and efficiency, offering a reliable option for grooming needs while away from home.

Ideal for those seeking a travel-friendly shaving solution, this electric razor provides a convenient way to maintain a clean-shaven look without compromising on performance. The Xiaomi Braun Travel Shaver caters to individuals who value practicality and affordability in their grooming routine, ensuring they stay well-groomed no matter where they are.

Pros & Cons (Xiaomi Braun Travel Shaver)

The Xiaomi Braun Travel Shaver is a compact yet powerful option for on-the-go grooming. Here are the key benefits and drawbacks of this travel-friendly electric shaver.



  1. Portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry during travels.
  2. Equipped with a long - lasting battery for extended usage on trips.
  3. Provides a comfortable and close shave, ideal for sensitive skin.




  1. May have limited features compared to larger electric shavers.
  2. The smaller size may result in longer shaving time for larger areas.


These points highlight the practical advantages and potential limitations of the Xiaomi Braun Travel Shaver, allowing users to make an informed decision based on their specific needs and preferences.


Shaving Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin

Shaving Tips for Men with Sensitive Skin:


  1. Keep the skin clean and hydrated using a gentle cleanser and warm water before shaving.
  2. Use a pre - shave oil or gel to create a protective barrier between the razor and the skin, reducing irritation.
  3. Opt for an electric shaver specifically designed for sensitive skin to minimize irritation and razor burn.
  4. Shave in the direction of hair growth to reduce ingrown hairs and irritation, especially on sensitive areas.
  5. Avoid pressing too hard while shaving to prevent nicks and cuts, letting the shaver do the work.
  6. Regularly clean and maintain the electric shaver to ensure optimal performance and prevent bacterial buildup.
  7. Consider wet shaving with an electric razor to enhance comfort, especially for those with sensitive skin.


These tips can help men with sensitive skin achieve a comfortable and smooth shave without irritating their skin further.


Other Noteworthy Electric Shavers

Explore additional worthwhile electric shavers to find the perfect fit for your needs. Keep reading!

Braun Series 8 8417s

The Braun Series 8 8417s is a budget-friendly option for those seeking a reliable electric shaver. While it lacks a cleaning contraption, this model delivers a comfortable and close shave.

Its flexible shaving head adjusts to the contours of your face, ensuring an efficient and smooth shaving experience. The precision trimmer allows for neat grooming of sideburns and moustache, giving you versatile styling options without having to invest in separate beard trimmers.

Moving on from the Braun Series 8 8417s, let's delve into its higher-end counterpart - the Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc.

Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc

Now, let's transition to the Braun Series 9 Pro 9477cc. This model is an advanced version within the Series 9. It may offer additional features over other Series 9 models.

Remington F5-5800

The Remington F5-5800 is a solid choice for those seeking an affordable electric shaver. With its pivot and flex technology, it effortlessly adjusts to the contours of your face, providing a comfortable shaving experience.

The Intercept Shaving Technology pre-trims longer hairs, ensuring a closer shave in fewer passes. The lithium battery allows for 60 minutes of cordless runtime after a four-hour charge, making it perfect for travel or daily use.



After carefully reviewing the best electric shavers for sensitive skin, it's clear that the Braun Series 9 9370CC and Braun Series 8 8457CC stand out as top choices. Offering close shaves and suitability for very sensitive skin and ingrown hairs, they provide an excellent solution.

The Panasonic ARC 5 ES-LV6U is also worth considering due to its fast and powerful performance suitable for wet shaving.

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or a portable travel shaver, there are various choices available. From foil to rotary shavers, finding the right one tailored to your needs is key.

With tips on shaving techniques included in this article, achieving comfortable and smooth results has never been easier.

June 29, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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