Some consider it bad luck to shave during playoffs, others are living that beard life 365. With Fall sports back in full swing, we rounded up some of our favorite bearded looks for your beard inspiration

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick- Tampa Bay Buccaneers


His beard game was pretty weak when he first started with the Bills in 2009 but after some time in Buffalo, the beard took on a life of its own. Despite the fact that his wife and teammates say it looks terrible, Fitzpatrick says it isn't going anywhere. So does he consider a beard a fashion statement? According to Fitzpatrick he is known as "the guy with the beard" and says it would weird to be known as something else. (Source: Newsday)

2. Brian Wilson- LA Dodgers 

When Wilson walked on the field for this season's home opener, the beard was gone but we will never forget the beard he had. As a matter of fact, it was Brian Wilson's iconic black beard that coined the phrase "Fear the Beard" in sports. 

3. Brett Keisel- Former Pittsburg Steeler

He may have retired from the Steelers in 2015 but his beard lives on with its own name ("Da Beard"), a Facebook page and "Shear the Beard" charity events that raise money for children's hospitals. 

4. Antonio Garay- Former San Diego Charger

He may be an unsigned free agent as of now, but who could forget the elaborate beard styles that Garay hide under that face mask every Sunday? 

5. James Harden- Houston Rockets



James Harden has taken beard life to the next level with a beard arguably the best in the NBA. If you're looking to grow a beard like Harden, there is a lot that goes into it according to his barber (via GQ) including getting your beard in on your fitness routine! 

What athletes do you think rock the best beard? Let us know in the comments. 


November 08, 2018 — Eric Steckling

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