Axis Beard and Hair Trimmer

$ 39.95

No matter your facial hair style, every man needs a good trimmer. The Axis is designed for men who maintain shorter facial hair styles ranging from stubble to a tight beard with guards ranging up to 6mm. The narrow blade is ideal for reaching tighter areas and cutting straight lines while the .5mm cutting length produces a very tight stubble look. Never let your trimming get cut short by a low battery. The Axis has an integrated battery status display encircling the single button and 90 minutes of cutting time per charge. The Ceramic blade is 4 times harder than stainless steel, creates less friction and is extremely quiet. The Axis trimmer is gimmick free – you will not find any unnecessary features. One button, one function. If you are ready for a higher quality trimmer with a smooth and quite blade and amazing batter life, check out the Brio Axis.

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I like it

Great Little Trimmer!

Light weight, simple operation, does its job. I also ordered the 1mm/2mm attachment and this setup works for me. Brio customer service is awesome.

Just what I needed

I can't grow much of a beard, thick enough but nothing on my cheeks and not very long. I always found other trimmers to be too much for what I needed or not good enough quality. Ive mostly let my beard run wild until it looks bad enough that I shave it and start over. This gives me a close accurate cut with just enough attachments to get the job done and have some fun with it but not feel bogged down with plastic bits. I can now keep a clean close beard AND still get the rugged look.
Great size. Great look. Just enough attachments but not overly complicated. Well Done Brio!

So Far, So Good

This is my travel trimmer, due to its size and weight. I also have the Beardscape, and love them both. This trimmer is perfect in the hand, very quiet and seems to be really easy to control, even in tough areas on the face. I’m extremely happy with both Brio products and would recommend them over several others I’ve tried (Phillips Norelco, Wahl, etc.) Everything about the Brio products feels better, and seems so much more solid and well thought out. I really want to try the SmartClean Toothbrush next. Subtleties matter and I’m glad I discovered this great company!

I love it!!!!

I've had nothing but good experiences using the brio axis, I definitely recommend it

Thanks Alpha.m for recommending this product

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