Ollie Whitening Strips

$ 12.95

Ollie whitening strips are specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive teeth while still providing a white smile and removing stains.  Choose from our 3 options to choose the right fit for you!


The Maintenance Pack is 4 whitening treatments (8 total strips) which is perfect if you're new to the Ollie brand and want to test out a few treatments. It also works great to freshen your smile between Transformation Kits!

The Transformation Kit includes 12 whitening treatments (24 total strips) plus our shade guide so you can jump start your journey to a whiter smile and track your progress! 

The Total Whitening Kit comes with one Transformation Kit and 11 Maintenance Packs. This covers your whitening maintenance for an entire year. Use the Transformation Kit for 12 consecutive days and use the 4 maintenance strips once a month for the rest of the year. Your smile will never fade!

Subscribe to our Monthly Subscription and receive your whitening treatments automatically each month!  The subscription starts with one Transformation Kit to jump start your whitening process.  Every month thereafter you'll receive a maintenance pack to keep up with your whitening year-round!

$ 28 - Initial Payment
Just $12 Per Month After
The Ollie Transformation Kit includes 12 treatments (24 strips total)
1 Maintenance Pack per month includes 4 treatments (8 strips total)
Cancel subscription at any time

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